The Irma Stern Trust Collection
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This website is dedicated to the art and the life of the internationally recognized South African artist, Irma Stern who was born on 2 October1894 and died on 23 August 1966.

In terms of her will Irma Stern left her collection in trust for the encouragement and promotion of Fine Arts within and outside South Africa. In the spirit of her wishes the Trustees of the Irma Stern Trust have decided to make available online a catalogue of the full collection for the use of the general public, students and researchers.

The Irma Stern Trust Collection consists of two parts: works by Irma Stern which include oil paintings, works on paper, ceramics and sculpture, and Irma Stern’s personal collection of artefacts.

The Collection is housed in ‘The Firs’, Chapel Road, Rosebank, Cape Town, where Irma Stern lived and worked from 1928 until her death. The University of Cape Town manages ‘The Firs’ as the UCT Irma Stern Museum.

The website offers a biography of Irma Stern, a full catalogue of her collection and a selection of the themes represented in the Collection.

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