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Artist name:

Irma Stern

Artist date(s): 1894-1966

Artwork title:

Cupboard: The dance of death (variations)

Description: Cupboard with pediment and two doors, each door with two panels; painted with variations of the dance of death; top two panels depict skeleton dancing with a woman; bottom two panels depict skeleton with a man, playing the violin in the left panel and dancing with him in the right; each panel surrounded by a foliate border; interior of the doors painted red with a black border; paper has been glued to the back and sides of the space between the 2nd and 3rd, 3rd and 4th and 4th and 5th shelves, onto which have been glued wood block prints; 5 on the 2nd shelf depicting scenes of people; 4 on the 3rd shelf and 5 on the 4th shelf which are very faded and foxed and appear to be scenes of animals but because of the poor light it was very difficult to see.

Artwork date(s): undated
Artwork type: IS Furniture
Medium: limewash, tempora
Measurements: 2010X1220X330
Inscription: undated
Accession number: 170

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