The Irma Stern Trust Collection
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Irma at work

Irma at work

Irma at work

The Irma Stern™ Trust Collection

The Irma Stern™ Trust Collection consists of two parts: the works by Irma Stern and her personal collection of artefacts.

The works by Irma Stern consist of oil paintings, works on paper, ceramics, sculpture, painted furniture and journals. The oil paintings and works on paper cover a wide variety of themes, one of the most prolific being portraits.

Irma Stern herself was a collector and brought artefacts from her painting expeditions and travels. Her collection consists of:

  • African masks, textiles and carvings
  • Terracotta sculptures and bronzes from early Mediterranean cultures
  • Pre-Columbian objects
  • European art dating from the 12th century which includes icons and religious carvings
  • Furniture, the most notable being the English refectory table which was the focal point for her many dinner parties
  • Ceramics
  • Eastern artefacts
  • Textiles

Irma in her dining room

Irma in her studio

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