The Irma Stern Trust Collection


Artist name:

Irma Stern

Artist date(s): 1894-1966

Artwork title:

Cupboard painted with Biblical scenes

Description: Long, rectangular cupboard with central section consisting of central cupboard door flanked by 2 narrow doors, with a slightly recessed section on each side with a door. Each door is painted with biblical scenes: Christ carrying the Cross; Salome with John the Baptist's head; angel playing a stringed instrument with a bow; figure playing a tambourine; Annunciation; Magi and Mother and Child; angel playing a stringed instrument; figure playing a stringed instrument with angel and a stringed instrument behind; death of Christ; seated male figure playing a harp. The figure on the extreme right of the Magi scene has been identified as Dr Johannes Prinz, Irma Stern's husband, see Historical notes.

Artwork date(s): undated
Artwork type: IS Furniture
Medium: oil on wood
Inscription: s/d,b/r
Accession number: 1022

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