The Irma Stern Trust Collection


Artist name:

Irma Stern

Artist date(s): 1894-1966

Artwork title:

(Five figures)

Description: Five figures; three at the back - right figure with hand on hip and bundle on shoulder looking left, figure in centre and at the right, both looking to the left; in the front are two figures, the left figure looking downwards and wearing a beret, and the right figure looking right; outline in black ballpoint, black and orange pastel; signed and dated bottom right: Irma Stern 1961; paper marked ROMANI BARCELONA and crest.

Artwork date(s): 1961
Artwork type: IS Works on Paper
Medium: pastel, ballpoint on paper
Measurements: 225X315
Inscription: s/d,b/r
Accession number: 1224

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