The Irma Stern Trust Collection


Artist name:

Irma Stern

Artist date(s): 1894-1966

Artwork title:

Malay woman

Description: Woman wearing a pink dress and scarf over her head; her left hand raised. Framed: Zanzibar carving. Labels on back of frame: left: Gosvenor Gallery; Artist: Irma Stern; Title: cat. 44 Malay Woman; Medium: oil/can; Date: 1944. Centre: IRMA STERN (1894-1966); Memorial exhibition; Grosvenor Gallery; 30 Dane Street London W1; 14 March - 15 April 1967. Right: ITEM NO 20 BIELEFELD; UCT IRMA STERN MUSEUM

Artwork date(s): 1944
Artwork type: IS Oil Paintings
Medium: oil on canvas
Measurements: 665X660
Inscription: s/d,t/r
Accession number: 16

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