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Artist name:

Irma Stern

Artist date(s): 1894-1966

Artwork title:

Dumela Morena: Bilder aus Africa von Irma Stern

Description: 1710/1-11: portfolio consisting of a series eleven litho prints in cardboard folder; title on the front: 'Dumela Morena: Bilder aus Afrika (Greetings Sir: Pictures from Africa) von Irma Stern. Verlag Fritz Gurlitt Berlin 1920; and portrait of a woman, head and shoulders, with the sun behind: 1. Portrait of a woman with the sun behind, same image as title page; 2. Child with three geese; 3. Two women, one seated and one standing with pot on her head; 4. Five children dancing in a circle; 5. Two children, one squatting, one standing; 6. Kneeling mother and child; 7. Two figures and an ox; 8. Standing figure and trees; 9. Mother with round container on head, baby on back and holding the hand of a child; 10. Reclining figure and trees; 11. Three figures carrying reeds/twigs on their heads. Initialled IS bottom left except for 2 and 11 and the cover which is not initialled All prints signed 'Irma Stern' in pencil bottom right.

Artwork date(s): 1920
Artwork type: IS Works on Paper
Medium: litho print on paper
Measurements: 400X290
Inscription: s,b/r
Accession number: 1710

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