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1: Head with Jaguar mask
Oaxaca, Zapotec - Oaxaca, Zapotec
PreColumbian Collection
Accession number: 344
2: Part of funerary urn
Oaxaca, Zapotec - Oaxaca, Zapotec
PreColumbian Collection
modelled terracotta
Accession number: 345
3: "Olmecoid" head
Pre-classic, Mexico - Pre-classic, Mexico
PreColumbian Collection
Accession number: 342
4: Seated woman holding dagor bird
Pre-Columbian, Chupicuaro - Pre-Columbian, Chupicuaro
PreColumbian Collection
terracotta, paint traces
Accession number: 340
5: Skull
Pre-Columbian, Meso-American - Pre-Columbian, Meso-American
PreColumbian Collection
granite, plaster of paris
Accession number: 339
6: Mask
Pre-Columbian, Meso-American; possibly Mayan - Pre-Columbian, Meso-American; possibly Mayan
PreColumbian Collection
Accession number: 338
7: Bearded mask with headdress
Pre-Columbian, Meso-American? - Pre-Columbian, Meso-American?
PreColumbian Collection
green stone
Accession number: 337
8: Mask, pendant
Pre-Columbian, Mexico, Guerrero? - Pre-Columbian, Mexico, Guerrero?
PreColumbian Collection
Accession number: 341
9: Seated figure
Pre-Columbian, W Mexico, Nayarit - Pre-Columbian, W Mexico, Nayarit
PreColumbian Collection
terracotta, paint
Accession number: 343

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